Define Your Face and Natural Features

Here at Noir Beauty Studio we strive to create brows that define your face and natural features. By using salon quality wax, tweezers, and tint we can sculpt, maintain and tint your brows for a gorgeous natural shape. We understand that every client’s brows are different, and shaping your brows depends on your facial shape and the shape of your features that’s why our therapists are highly trained so they can give you the best custom experience at our studio.



At Noir Beauty Studio we define your brows to suit your face shape and features. Using professional salon wax of the highest quality and the latest eyebrow shaping techniques we define and tidy your brows for a clean and natural finish.


Are you sick of spending hours filling in and touching up your eyebrows every week? Come on in and treat yourself at our beautiful studio! Our therapists are trained to colour your brows to perfectly define your facial features. With an excellent professional tinting range we can give you a specially personalized colour for your brows.


Maintain your gorgeous natural shaped brows with our maintenance service. With a quick tidy up from our therapists we can assure you’ll leave the salon with amazing eyebrows every time you visit us.


Want an even longer lasting brow color? We have now introduced Henna Brows to our studio! Brow Henna is an organic colour that can last on the skin even longer than a classic tint. The stain can last up to one week on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the eyebrow hair by penetrating much deeper into the hair shaft and colouring even the finest and fairest of hairs. Just like a tint we use Brow Henna to create custom colour, shape and give your brows a longer lasting results.