Lash Extensions


Lash Extensions are Synthetic man made lashes which look very much like your natural lashes only thicker, longer and typically curlier. One by one your lash technician will glue one lash extension on to one of your lashes one by one until all of your natural lashes are covered by an extension. These extensions sit approximately 0.5 – 1mm from your lash base so to not cause any irritation to the lash line and skin.

Because lash extensions are man made they can vary in length, thickness and curl. This allows for over all look to be completely customised to each and every client depending on desired outcome and also condition of natural lashes.

At Noir Beauty Studio we offer Classic lashes which are 1:1 (one lash extension per your one lash), Hybrid lashes which are 50% Classics and 50% 3D-5D (mixture of one on one and volume fans (description below) and lastly Volume Lashes which are completely 3D-5D.

The application process for our lash extensions varies based upon which style you are interested in getting. A classic set (1:1) generally takes 1.5hours. Hybrids can take up to 2-2.5 hours. Volume lash extensions take the longest and can be up to 3 hours.


  • For the first 24 hours avoid getting the lashes wet to allow the glue to completely dry and cure
  • Do not use a steam room or sauna for the first 48 hours to allow the glue to cure (avoid altogether or limit if possible for the entire life of your lashes)
  • Be gentle and respect your new lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes and do not pick and play with your lashes
  • Resist the temptation to touch or pull at your stunning new lashes as this will pull out your own natural lashes
  • Do brush them daily (gently with brush provided)
  • When drying your face do not rub. Instead blot your face and apply gentle pressure to your closed eyes, then allow the extensions to dry naturally. Don’t dry them with the towel or hair dryer
  • Avoid cotton products such as cotton balls, tips, face wipes etc. (these can leave behind white fluff)
  • Avoid wearing mascara as this will lessen the life of your extensions (if you absolutely must for example for an event please consider a lash safe mascara or water-based, oil-free mascara)
  • Do not use any products which may contain any type of oils such as petroleum, natural oils (avocado, jojoba etc) around the eye area, as oils break down the glue which will cause your lashes to slide off very quickly
  • Do keep the eye area clean. This is very important. Some ladies love their lashes so much they don’t even want to get them wet at all. Avoiding proper hygiene can result in eye infections, sebum build up and bacteria which could ultimately mean no lashes for a while and a visit to your doctor (please do not test this theory)
  • Try and sleep on your back to avoid crushing your extensions in your pillow
  • To help retain your lashes we recommend you use our LASH CLEANSER which comes with a free brush – you are able to purchase these in store at your next appointment


Volume lash extensions are applied by creating fans of 3-5 very fine lashes which are glued at the base of the fan and glued to the base of your natural lash. This look allows for your lashes to appear much thicker, fluffier and fuller. This method is also commonly used to bridge gaps where clients may have had for example chickenpox on the lash line and left a scar which has led to a tiny gap which classic extensions may not be able to fill.


Because we stock lashes in a very wide variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls, we can and do ensure every client gets the look he/she is looking for. We understand that every client has different lifestyles, different styles and different idea on what he/she may like. We can offer looks from very subtle and natural look, using a shorter and more relaxed curl to achieve that amazing thick black look that appears as though you have woken up with incredible mascara, all the up to glam, long, curly lashes for all the glam divas out there (also ideal for those who wear minimal make up and just like that eye pop).

Additionally we understand that every client has a different shaped eye so we always customise the lengths by switching up lengths throughout and generally tapering down to very short towards the inner eye to follow the natural lash layout. Some common shapes are:

‘Cat eye‘ lashes are applied from longest to shortest with the longest lash on the outer corner of your eye and the smallest in the inner corner.

‘Doll eye‘ lashes are applied from shortest to longest to shortest. This puts a majority of the length in the centre of your lashes rather than the outer corner.

‘Dramatic‘ lashes are applied from shorted to longest quicker than cat eye and maintaining the length throughout.

‘Kimmy K’ lashes are applied generally using any of the above as a base shape and popping clusters of long lashes every 3-4mm to create that extra pop and drama to the lashes.

Life may be short, but your lashes never have to be… Xx



*Disclaimer – Please be mindful of how well you retain your lashes when booking infills. All infills require you to have AT LEAST 50% of your lashes remaining. If you have not retained AT LEAST 50% of your lashes then please be prepared to book in and pay for a full set at your own cost