Best Natural Looking Tans

Noir Beauty Studio is Brisbane’s Western Suburbs spray tanning experts in the perfect full body spray tan. Specialising in Eye Lash Extensions and Spray Tans for the past 3 years we pride ourselves on providing our clients with professional natural looking spray tans.

All of our tan technicians at Noir Beauty Studio have been trained to provide the best natural looking tans by choosing the best solution for your skin, we always double check our beautiful clients tans while in the drying process, blending around the important areas like hands and feet.

To help out with your perfect natural looking tan we provide a range of items to enhance your tanning experience – hair nets, disposable g strings & bras, hair ties, sticky feet, hand and feet wet wipes.

Our new spray tanning room has been built purposely to provide you with privacy and comfort while enjoying your premium spray tan experience.

Based on our spray tanning experience, we offer our clients the beautiful St Tropez Tan range and the amazing Fitness Tan range, your tan technician on the day will go through our tan range, to help you choose what will best suit you and your needs to create the perfect looking tan.

St. Tropez Image


Hair Removal – We recommend shaving at least 48 hours prior to your tan, to have the best possible tan and long-lasting tan we recommend you do not shave just before your tan, shaving can cause the skin to produce natural oils which can affect the tan. Waxing should be done as far away from the tan as possible.

We recommend that any eyebrow waxing, or tinting be done at least 24HRS prior your appointment.

Exfoliating – Thoroughly exfoliate the night before and the morning of your tan, if you are washing your hair before your tan appointment please make sure you exfoliate AFTER to ensure any condition and/or moisturisers are completely removed.

Your skin – Before your appointment, preferably shower as close to your appointment as possible and do not apply any moisturiser or deodorant. These products can react with the tan and turn green. However if you are coming from work or school we do supply wet wipes for the removal of any deodorant or make up.

What to wear – What you wear during your spray tan process is up to you, we supply our clients with disposable g strings and bras. If it is your first tan and you are a little nervous you can opt to wear swimwear, but we do recommend something with a thinner line as whatever underwear you have on, is the tan line you will have after.


We recommend to wear loose clothing to your appointment a light weight dress or shirt and pants, this will help to not create patches on your way home from rubbing of tight clothes. Our Tanning solutions wash our of most clothes easily but may stain some materials.

Do not exercise until 8 hours after your tan, this is recommended to help the developer set in without the disruption of sweat or the skins natural oils which are produced whilst exercising.

When showering after your tan, we recommend avoiding exfoliating washes, gloves, sponges, Hot baths and exposure to chlorinated water. As for moisturising it is recommended to wait a minimum of 8 hours before moisturising, then for the period of your tan moisturiser morning and night this will help prolong the life of your tan.

Your Spray tan will last 5 – 10 days depending on your at home maintenance and skin type.