Why Do Lash Extensions Fall Out?

Eyelash extensions will fall out regardless so don’t freak out! We all have a lash cycle in which our natural lashes shed and regrow. In saying this, each extension will fall out with the natural lash.

Here are a few reasons your lashes may not be lasting as long as you’d like:

  • The main being a weakened glue bond.
  • If you are using products that contain any oils or mascara this will most likely affect your lashes.
  • Rubbing, picking and pulling your lashes will also weaken your lashes. If you are constantly doing this it could potentially pull out your natural lashes also.

To retain your lashes for a longer retention you need to keep them clean. Washing them daily with our recommended lash cleanser and brushing them. If you are not washing them daily, a build-up of bacteria, product and sleep can occur and cause eye irritation potentially leading to eye irritation or blepharitis.

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We hope you enjoy your lashes. Xx